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Step Stools

Modern Step Stool Large

from 77.00

This listing is for one handmade modern wood step stool / footstool measuring 20” long, 12” wide and 6” tall.

Ask us about custom measurements and designs for anything you need in your step stool!

A perfect addition to any house looking to add some minimalistic and modern wood tones to a room. Small pieces are joined together to give the stool it's unique striped appearance. Also available in Solid Hickory, Maple & Walnut and Birch & Poplar .

All our step stools at Candlewood Furniture are handmade with solid hardwood sourced here in Northern California. We guarantee that this piece of furniture will last a lifetime. These step stools make the perfect gifts for grandparents, rustic and classic homes, and anyone needing just a little help getting into bed! Great for kids as well!

We would love for you to browse our shop for other stools in various sizes. We offer plenty of other pieces of furniture to match, and don't hesitate to ask if you need a custom size not found in our shop!

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