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Plant Stands

Modern Tea Table in Poplar Green Finish


Clean edges and beautiful unique wood grain make this a beautiful addition to any room in the house. Use it as a tiny table, a foot stool, a shoe shining stool, a plant stand or even a small shelf in the bathroom.

This particular finish, Poplar Green, is inspired by the wood which which it's made. Poplar is an interesting hardwood, with occasional streaks of green throughout its grain, thought usually a pale white.

It measures:

8.5 inches tall

9.5" inch diameter seat.

We use solid poplar for our step stool; every product is handmade - no machines - and finished with a water based clear coat to ensure it will last a lifetime. We are always excited to hear your custom requests! Send us a message to see what we can work out.

This listing is the for the Pale and Black finish. Check out our other listings for the following finishes:

Ash and White

Charcoal and Black

Pale and Green

We also offer an unfinished version for DIY projects. Or if you would like a stain not listed here, let us know for no extra charge!

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