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Kitchen & Dining

Modern Dining Room Chair Stool by CW Furniture Custom, Solid Hardwood, Maple Mahogany Bench Backless Chair


This modern dining room chair measures 18” tall, with a seat width of (left to right) 15”, and a seat depth (front to back) 10”. The widest point of legs is at 20.25”. This listing is for a single dining room chair. Ask us about discounts on multiple quantities!

Ask us about custom dimensions or custom finishes!

Modern lines, prominent shapes and natural wood grains and textures make this a beautiful piece that will last a lifetime.

We use solid maple and Mahogany; every product is handmade - no machines - and finished with a water based clear coat to ensure it will last a lifetime. We are always excited to hear your custom requests! Send us a message to see what we can work out.

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